Enzyme Preparations


All kinds of enzymes are produced from microorganisms. Almost all enzymes in animals and plants can be obtained from microorganisms, and the most suitable strains can be obtained through isolation and screening. The microorganisms propagate fast, the growth cycle is short, the culture is simple, and the enzyme yield can be increased by controlling the culture conditions. Using fermentation method to produce enzymes has greater advantages than directly extracting enzymes from biological materials, such as production of bacillus subtilis,  aspergillus niger, aspergillus oryzae and brewer yeast, etc.

The advantages of enzyme preparation produced by the special fermentation medium of enzyme preparation provided by Hongrun Baoshun: 1)The characteristics of the strain are stable; 2) High enzyme production capacity; 3) The capacity spore production is stable. 4) Not interfere with production or influence of the by-products of product(e.g. colloids, pigments, etc.); 5) The most important thing is the low price of raw materials, which greatly reduces the cost of enterprises.