Medium Materials

Application of Culture Medium

1. Dehydrated Medium

It is applied to culture microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.). The nutrients needed by microorganisms include carbon source, nitrogen source, inorganic salt, vitamin, growth factors and trace elements during the process of cultured microorganisms. One of the most important substance is nitrogen source, which is one of the important elements of cell. Therefore, nitrogen source is an important component of dehydrated medium.

2. Plating Medium

With the longitudinal development of the field of microbiology, dehydrated culture medium has many disadvantages and is partially replaced by rapid detection medium. Plate is constantly introduced in rapid detection medium and the configured different culture medium are seperately filled into the plates. Reseachers are not bothered by the errors of accuracy of weighing, space environment, degree of autoclave sterilization and different operators to save labor and materials.

3. Testing Reagents

Culture medium is an important detection reagent in human life, e.g. examining escherichia coil in food, total colony number detection, water qualitytest, cosmetics test, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, biological products, clinical medicine, disposable sanitary products , beverage microbial test etc. Therefore, as an important basic detection reagent, it plays an increasingly important role in the health of human life.