1) Field of Genetic Engineering includes human hormones like insulin, growth hormone, immunomodulators like interferon, interleukin; Blood proteins like clotting factor, serum albumin, gene recombinant vaccines like hepatitis B vaccine, rabies and diarrhea vaccine for pigs, monoclonal antibody, etc.

2) Field of Microbial Ferment includes various bioenzymes of active probiotics, which can quickly reach the area of premature aging and dysbacteriosis in human body to activate regenerative cells, balance intestinal flora, maintain mucosal immune barrier, inhibit the generation and growth of various harmful bacteria, and promote the human body to stay young and healthy for a long time.

3) Field of Bioenergy includes fermentation products such as alcohol, butanol and acetone, to provide optimal support for clean and green energy. 

4) Field of Cell Engineering has some aspects of cell culture, cell fusion, split and conjunction, chromosome manipulation and gene transfer.Useful biological products or valuable plants can be produced through cell engineering, and new species or strains can be generated.