Microbial pharmaceutical technology is the most important component of industrial microbial technology. The usage of microbial medicine began with what is known as antibiotics. In recent years, due to the development of essential life science and the application of various new biotechnology, the reports on bioactive substances produced by microorganisms besides anti-infection and anti-tumor substances are increasing, e.g. specific enzyme inhibitors, immunomodulators, receptor antagonists and antioxidants etc., whose activities have exceeded the limits of inhibiting the life activity of some microorganisms. However, these substances are all secondary metabolites of microorganisms, which have common characteristics in the mechanism of biosynthesis, screening study procedures and production process, etc., and these secondary metabolites produced by microorganisms with physiological activities (or pharmacological activities) are collectively called the microbial pharmaceutical. Accordingly, It includes traditional antibiotics have the effact of anti-microbial infection and anti-tumor as well as specific enzyme inhibitors, immunomodulator, receptor antagonist, antioxidants, and so on. And all microorganisms’ growth depends on the microbial culture medium.