Edible Fungus Culture


The raw material of culture medium of Hongrun Baoshun is applied in the production of liquid species of edible mushroom  by biological fermentation engineering to instead of the traditional simple solid seed production. It uses the principle of biological fermentation to provide the optimal nutrient, pH,  temperature, oxygen supply for the growth of mycelium, which can grow and expand rapidly, and reach a certain number of mycelium in a short time to complete a fermentation cycle.

Customer can use the high quality and stable nitrogen source of Hongrun Baoshun, the best combination of peptone Y001C, yeast extract Y017C, defatted soybean extract Y030, and add the supplementary carbon source in the biological fermentation tank, to produce the liquid form edible fungus by submerged cultivation (liquid fermentation) technology.

The advantages of cultivated edible fungus:

1) Low cost;

2)Sufficient nitrogen source in short time;

3) Germination after 6 hours, hyphae covered the inoculation surface within 24 hours;

4) Fast growth: the fungus incubation time is 1/2 shorter than that of solid;

5) High purity: good dissolution of raw materials, no precipitated impurities, to make the strain   purity high and vitality strong;

6) Less pollution: the germination rate of bacteria is fast to avoid the infection of heterozygous bacteria;

7) Short planting time: fast effect and high yield.